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Our Mission


To use the colors of nature and magic to paint an unforgettable picture incorporating all of your ideas and style elements. We pride ourselves in desigining elaborate lifescapes with highly-coveted fashion trends and passionate creativity.



Our Vision

Innovative Theme Design

The KQ Elements team specializes in theme design and execution.  Our floral designs incorporate both exotic and traditional flower selections to embody the essence of your event. With high attention to detail, we create elaborate floral backdrops and centerpieces down to the tiniest bouquet and boutonniere.


We are also masters of set design—give us your elements and we will paint the picture that you desire. Our portfolio includes a diverse variety of themes, such as whimsical and enchanting, extravagant, rustic vintage, modern decadence, non-traditional, modern, exotic mystery– the list could go on and on!


Themed Photo Services

Fascinate your senses through our themed photo session services. Incorporating elaborate set and floral designs with high fashion elements, our photo sessions are creative masterpieces. Our photo services include elaborate themed sets, hair and makeup, floral and decor elements, high quality retouched photos, and much more.