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About Us

KQ Elements is a full service, boutique destination wedding planning and floral design company. We specialize in creating romantic, luxury and personalized celebrations from intimate elopements to large scale weddings.  We offer hands-on planning, beautiful design creation including certain styling materials and comprehensive management services of every type of event from A to Z.  Our effortless elegance design aesthetic combines soft elegant touches with hints of modern romance.  We make it our goal to manage every last detail so that you can enjoy and focus on marrying the love of your life!


The KQ Elements team specializes in theme design and execution.  Our floral designs incorporate both exotic and traditional flower selections to embody the essence of your event. With high attention to detail, we create elaborate floral backdrops and centerpieces down to the tiniest bouquet and boutonniere.


We are also masters of set design—give us your elements and we will paint the picture that you desire. Our portfolio includes a diverse variety of themes, such as whimsical and enchanting, extravagant, rustic, vintage, modern decadence and non-traditional. We will cultivate your ideas and have it reflected into every element of your big day.


We design each detail of your celebration according to your specific taste and needs. We have a curated team of professionals, preferred venues and vendors who are equally passionate and dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true.
We continually research and visit venues and coordinate with vendors that will perfectly marry your wedding needs and vision
Once you have made your choice and have agreed to a price, we will guide you every step of the way. As your wedding planner, we will take care of it all.

Meet The Team

Esperanza –  Wedding/Event planner

‘Espy’ is definitely the sweetheart of the team. She’s comparable to Santa’s little helper; she works to fulfill the tasks and ensure everything is done the way it’s asked. A FIDM graduate, Espy has an appreciation for different sense of styles and art. She worked as a visual stylist upon graduating before joining KQ.

Espy’s smile and friendly vibe alone makes you want to be around her. She’s determined to learn all areas of the business and she approaches challenges with a very positive attitude, which translates into her coordinating skills. Espy is a learner and a great listener; she also appreciates her family, friends and life itself.

Jayden – Head Designer

When a passionate individual walks into a room, you can’t hear him. Why? Because he doesn’t speak out loud the vision and ideas; he investigates and observes his canvas to see how he can transform it efficiently, effectively and creatively all while captivating the vision and ambiance desired. He lets the work speak for itself.

To say that he’s hardworking is an understatement. To say that he’s a multi-talented, well rounded, and a passionate individual who will do whatever it takes to perform at his and his team’s best ability is a bit more accurate. Jayden has the talent and tools to create amazing designs and have a keen eye for tasteful decor. He studies his clients and have mastered the importance of incorporating elements that will enhance the client’s vision and will take it to another level of astonishing.

Hannah - Coordinator

Hanna is all about getting things done. Her mind is constantly going 100 mph at all times. Even when she's resting; we know she is thinking about how can something we are working on be improved. With so many great ideas we come to her for unusual situations for her to evaluate and figure out. So reliable and caring, she thinks of others before herself.  

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